Monday, June 27, 2022
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If you have suffered a sporting injury of have joint aches and pains, you may be struggling to return to your sport of to carry out your normal daily activities. Acute injuries such as a sprained ankle or a knee ligament injury can happen to anyone, the pain is often severe and affects your walking and may be disturbing your sleep. This initial pain is often due to inflammation in the tissues. Physiotherapy can help to reduce the swelling and the pain and can help you to return to your activities more quickly. The physiotherapist will fully examine the affected joint, ligaments and muscles and may assess your balance. It is important that this is treated effectively to prevent you have future problems. We also treat conditions such as Achilles tendonitis and plantar fascitis.

St Helens Physio treat lower limb problems and Osteoarthritis


If you have general aches and pain, this may be due to osteoarthritis. This is often called ‘wear and tear’. You may have pain, joint stiffness and muscle weakness. As a result, this affects your day-to-day living. Treatment will be aimed at easing your pain and improving the movement of the joint. You will be given clear practical advice on joint protection to help you manage your pain more effectively.