Monday, June 27, 2022
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Our charges are per session and at the initial visit include your first treatment. Clients who choose to pay for treatment at the time of their visit will be charged at our discounted rate. For further information, please contact the clinic directly.

St Helens Physio acceptable payment methods

We are registered with all major Healthcare providers including BUPA, Standard Life, Norwich Union and AXA, and are happy to accept patients who are covered for physiotherapy under such schemes.

Some policies require that your General Practitioner or Consultant refer you for physiotherapy. We would advise you to check your policy or contact your insurance company if you have any concerns about physiotherapy referral.
Personal injury

If you have suffered personal injury such as a fracture, a sprained ankle or a soft tissue injury to the spine (whiplash) for example following a road traffic accident, we are happy to provide treatment and will liase with your solicitor or insurance company.

Methods of payment

We accept payment by cash or cheque supported by a valid cheque guarantee card. To reduce the cost to you, we do not accept payment by debit or credit cards.