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The use of electrotherapy for pain relief may be offered but is only a small part of your treatment. Often, by providing pain relief, the physiotherapist can then address problems such as joint stiffness, poor muscle control and movement faults.

Treatments include Electrotherapy, TENS and Unltrasound


TENS: Transcutaneous nerve stimulation or TENS is a method of electrical stimulation which aims to provide pain relief by specifically stimulating fast conducting nerves and therefore taking advantage of the body's pain gate mechanism and/or the opioid system. There different methods of applying TENS depending on your pain and your physiotherapist will select the most appropriate setting for you. At St. Helens Physiotherapy, TENS may be used as an adjunct to your physiotherapy treatment and, if appropriate, you may borrow a machine for use at home.


Ultrasound is often used in acute injures to provide the tissues with the best conditions for healing. Ultrasound is used particularly in sports injuries together with joint and soft tissue mobilisations and specially designed rehabilitation programmes of exercise.